Hitman Pro Alert vs Ransomwares


Hitman Pro Alert is a security solution that has been acquired by Sophos, like HitmanPro.
The software offers protection against Ransomware, exploits and offers to remedy them.
It uses the engine of Sophos and HitmanPro for the analysis.

The protection provided is very good, but does not replace an antivirus.
A Ransomware (Thannos) managed to install itself, and another one encrypted the files before it was blocked…
Magniber has been detected.

To complement your antivirus, it can be used, but does not replace it.

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8Expert Score
Hitman Pro Alert

  • Very effective blocking of ransomware
  • Able to protect you from vulnerability exploits
  • Offers to disinfect you (Sophos engine)
  • Even if it blocks large ransomware attacks, actions can be taken (file encryption)
  • Does not replace your antivirus

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